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Luokas Mien Firstly Issued

We issued our inner publication Luokas Mien in January,2009. The aim of it is to praise the excellent employees, and to establish a good model as well. This publication will introduce every strong point of our staff.

Carrying the thought of being excellent ,we do our best to make Luokas Mien a good publication. The company leaders pay a great attention to this. We found a team to charge the issue. 

The first phase of Luokas Mien introduce Li Kedong, who is a technic worker. His strong point is hard working and pragmatic, which we are always advocating. There are many persons like Li in our company. Li is a stand out one of them. We believe that we can make our product more excellent for we have so many good guys.

We hope Luokas Mien more exciting and to do more.

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